Traditional Marketing & Advertising

Built on a pre-digital foundation, our marketing still works in many analog ways.

In a world dominated by digital media and 24-hour news cycles, marketing and advertising have fundamentally changed. When Stan Whisenhunt founded our company in 1990, he employed print journalists and relied solely on newspapers and other traditional media (e.g. mailers, radio spots, community events) to get the word out about his clients. In the decades since, like all viable public relations firms, Whisenhunt has shifted to primarily digital marketing. However, we do continue to work in analog PR formats, as well, including the following:

Traditional Marketing and Advertising
Whisenhunt Communications Copywriting Editing for Marketing and Public Relations

• Press release management

• Press release distribution

• Follow-ups with media

• Article placement

• Ad management

• Ad placement

• Interview arrangement, for print and radio

• Speaking engagement coordination

• Local event coordination

• Letters to officials

• Letters to the editor

• Help with election campaigns

These boots-on-the-ground platforms still work in real and highly effective ways. When we sit down to plan a marketing campaign with a client, we focus on digital media, but we also address and espouse supplemental marketing options in traditional media.